When group process is effectively facilitated…
the real issues can surface; and the surface issues can be illuminated for what they are.

How you recognize it:

problems are re-framed as opportunities; differing viewpoints and perspectives are drawn out; attention is given to how things are discussed and explored (in addition to what is discussed); there is a climate of safety...as well as the slight discomfort that is necessary to foster “real” dialogue -and the whole time the facilitator holds and manages that tension in a way that leads to movement and outcomes.

Common Challenges to effective group process facilitation:
• The group process is led by a person too invested in an outcome to serve effectively in the role.
• The group process is poorly designed -more of a topical agenda instead of a plan that scopes outcomes, develops context, builds buy-in, and employs concrete and well-tested methods to spark dialogue, foster agreement, and quickly build plans and commitment.
• The facilitator lacks a skill set needed to be effective: process design skills, comfort with identifying and managing conflict directly, skill in rapidly building rapport and commitment, sophisticated active listening skills, etc.

How we help you meet the challenges:
All of the above challenges require an expert and impartial facilitator.

1) Our first step is to work with you to identify your objectives (both outcome and process-based) and to understand your group dynamics and organizational context.

2) We then get right to the solutions.
We partner to design and facilitate a process that will allow you to achieve your objectives while fostering authentic dialogue, building common ground, and rapidly defining appropriate actions and strategies.

3) We know that the group process is just the first step, and we consult and coach to help you integrate the work into longer-term success strategies.