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from a three year coaching program that Leading Effect designed and implemented at a mid-sized, regional health care organization

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When Leaders Experience Quality Coaching…
they gain a competitive edge –recognizing and acting on the knowledge that what got them where they are will not necessarily help them to a) stay there, b) move up, or c) maintain the competence and confidence they need on a day-to-day basis.

Common Challenges that can be effectively met with Coaching:
• Leader has high potential, but limited direct experience, and is in an expanded or stretch role.
--Coaching can build skill, bolster confidence, and accelerate readiness.
• Leader is a high performer with rough edges that limit influence and impact.
--Coaching can enhance awareness and unlock potential (we specialize in this type of work).
• Leader is ready, but managing complex change.
--Coaching is a great risk reducer.

Common Challenges associated with the quality of Coaches and Coaching Practice:
• Many “executive coaches” really provide personal coaching, without tying the work to organizational objectives or clearly defining outcomes and success measures - the leader “feels better” but doesn’t see much impact.
• “Boutiques” often provide access to a limited number of coaches with widely varying skill, experience, and training; whereas large agencies are often too expensive and don’t have enough local resources.
• It can be difficult to find a resource that can not only provide access to coaches, but also provide the expertise to help you design your organizational approach, program, and practices.

How we help you meet the challenges:
1) We work with you to find the right coach.
We draw from a cadre of over 20 NW-based coaches (Seattle/Tacoma/Portland), as well as many others around the country. All of our coaches have advanced degrees and coaching certification or training. They employ standard LE best practices, while bringing diverse skills, approaches, backgrounds. Our coaches build strong relationships, clearly define the work, and measure impact. We take great care in matching clients according to development needs, styles, and coach backgrounds. Usually, clients receive at least two matches and choose their coach.

2) We then get right to your coaching solution.
With a solid plan and a flexible approach to coaching delivery that works for you...we coach.

3) We stand out because we are also able to partner with your organization to design internal coaching approaches and “programs” that integrate with existing core practices and programs while incorporating best practices to make coaching a truly impactful organizational initiative.