When Designs are Solid…
they are the blueprints for the best of houses, balancing structural integrity with functionality, while accommodating the strengths and limitations of the environment, to ensure a robust and lasting edifice.

How you recognize a solid design:
it is based on best practices…what has and has not worked before; it is highly integrated and aligned; it is simple without being simplistic; it is flexible yet strong.

The types of designs organizations are challenged with:
• Program Designs
(Coaching Programs, 360 Feedback Programs…)
• Training and Development Designs
(Train the Trainer, Train the Coach, Comprehensive Leadership Development Designs...)
• Competency Models and Career Paths
(Company competency modeling, Job Role/Job Family modeling and Career Pathing…)
• People Processes and Practice Designs
(Succession Planning and Talent Management practices and processes, Recognition practices…)

How we help you meet the challenges:
1) First, we work with you to build a thorough knowledge of your requirements, desires, and constraints, and to define focused design principles, objectives and outcomes.

2) We then get right to the design.
We gather the right ingredients to create your process, model, practice, or program. Sometimes we can source a ready-made solution that will meet all your needs. If not, we will customize, modify, or design from the ground up.

3) Along the way, it is important to us to work closely with the internal stakeholders in your organization to ensure that the design reflects your business culture and environment and continues to address critical issues and outcomes.